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  1. Tencent buys Ubisoft shares

    Haha. Well, I hope it's for the better. I would gladly embrace change if it would bring more amazing esports.
  2. Tencent buys Ubisoft shares

    So Tencent is being aggressive on acquiring shares from different reputable company. I used to work in KOG (Elsword) before, and I can say that Riot is such a tough competitor for us.
  3. Tencent buys Ubisoft shares

    Correct me if I am wrong. Tencent is the developer of the WeChat right? If it's true that they buy some shares of Ubisoft, that was a good move. I used to play Ubisoft games, the company has been around for quite some time and already recognized all over the world. Tencent will benefit a lot from this.
  4. Girls in esport

    We should admit it, that women branding are different from men. It's not literally splitting, but it's about giving them the tailored fit esports for them.
  5. Girls in esport

    I agree with you. It is really hard to bring someone in who doesn't interested at all in the first place. But, using a right strategy and marketing. Girls, might be indulge to be part of the esports.
  6. Girls in esport

    Maybe its about the preference of women towards using computer. Most of them are too attached in using social networking sites like Facebook and Snapshot, they don't show interest in being involved in Esports. But there's still a few who are a gamer in nature that would love to compete with men.
  7. Girls in esport

    If not given a chance, maybe they are just not interested in ESports. We should promote it to them and get some popular women to participate in esports and served as an influence to others.