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    • Marian Härtel

      Esports Business Network becomes my.esport.biz   04/24/2018

      Welcome everybody,

      today we launched www.esport.biz, our growing commercial platform for the esport industry. While esport.biz is - and I am honest here - by far not where we imagine it to be, I am sure we are on a good path. With the same effort, we changed Esports Business Network to be the official community of www.esport.biz. Thus,  it now runs at my.esport.biz. I am sure there a still several bugs, but we will fix them in the coming days, and maybe weeks. 

      We are also working hard to update the community to give the community a large, large update, with several changes. This update is so big and extensive though, that it needs to be heavily tested against many other functions. This includes e.g. the new functionality for you to be able to log in to the shop and in the community with the same login credentials. 

      Please report us any issue to see!


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  1. It´s becoming spring - finally!

    1. Tom Zwietasch

      Tom Zwietasch

      Yeah! It´s nice and sunny in Cologne! xD

    2. Josy


      Decent weather in berlin...

  2. What is your job - esport-wise?

    Back to topic! I used to work as an online-editor in the US, created social media and website postings, conducting interviews with several players and now looking for an interesting position in Germany (if possible).
  3. Tencent buys Ubisoft shares

    I will try to explain. Yes investions are necessary, but the "how-to" invest is important. You need to have a serious business-plan and have an order for your tasks don´t you?
  4. Tencent buys Ubisoft shares

    Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut. Aber Investitions in esports sind doch "necessary"?
  5. Girls in esport

    Splitting it wouldn´t be the right thing. Women should be accepted in esports while competing on the same level as men.
  6. CWL Atlanta - Activizion <> Esports

    I really hate COD, it´s a shit game for me. CS:GO forever!
  7. Hello people! How´s day going? :D

    1. Josy


      Not much, typical office day...

  8. Esport - for young target groups only?

    Well i would say it´s mostly important because as a company you are able to adress young people and to convince them to buy your products.
  9. Hi, i am Corey, management student from the United States, actually based in Berlin. 

    1. Tom Zwietasch

      Tom Zwietasch

      Warm welcome!

    2. Marian Härtel

      Marian Härtel

      There are few worldwide, but not many yet. I am planning to set up a lawyer section here on the site (already got good feedback on this) which will enable to find the right contact for each region/country.

    3. Josy


      Hi Corey! :)

  10. I have heard a lot about the issue, not having contracts. Are there any esport related lawyers and legals, except Marian?