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  1. In the 32nd episode of Narrative Wake, Locodoco, former AD Carry of MiG Frost and head coach of Team SoloMid, joins Kelsey Moser and Thorin. The topic is the NA LCS play-offs. This episode was filmed on the 14th of April.
  2. Some thoughts on why so many classic esports games and pieces of content are now lost and unlikely to be recovered.
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  4.   In Episode 11 of League's Next World Champion, Locodoco, former AD Carry of MiG Frost and former coach of Team SoloMid, joins Thorin and Emily discuss the AF-KT semi-final and upcoming final between KingZone DragonX and Afreeca Freecs. This episode was filmed on the 12th of April.
  5. Some thoughts on allegations and rumours surrounding the SK Gaming organisation which, according to my investigations, are incorrect but have given the organisation a bad name with some.
  6. Some thoughts on how Doublelift's career success has destroyed the narratives haters created around him.
  7. Some thoughts on why Riot should creat an LCS Play-off MVP award.
  8. I finally have my internet back and don´t have to stick to my useless mobile data anymore.

    There are some topics i am going to release in the next few days!

  9. Had and have some critical problems with my pc and my internet. Internet technician is coming today, PC is going to be fixed today as well!

  10. Updated the video section!

  11. esp.bet - Discussion Topic

    Discussion topic for company profile of esp.bet. The profile, including news, details etc, can be found here.
  12. esp.bet

    ESP is a daily/weekly fantasy league game for esports, where players select their team of fantasy esports players and collect points throughout the event. Winners receive cash and prizes for competing. ESP is operated by Askott Entertainment Inc., a company incorporated in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  13. In der letzten Folge vor dem Finale in Deutschland stellen wir unsere Predictions für die ESL Meisterschaftsfinalspiele und schauen ein wenig genauer auf die Übernahme von Black Lion, welche durch BIG übernommen worden sind.
  14. Some thoughts on Team Liquid winning the organisation's first ever NA LCS title.
  15. In the 31st episode of Narrative Wake, Hussain Moosvi, Head Coach of Misfits, joins Kelsey Moser and Thorin. The topic is the EU LCS play-offs.