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Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH is a company managing several german esport related websites. Further more, they are working together with well known international brands while consulting them in different esport topics.
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When you are working in an esport organization it is really necessary to have an organized and structured management and staff team. There are many ways to help yourself and your management/staff-team to improve your daily work with different open-source and commercial tools. Here is a list:

Google-Documents - free & easy to use and perfect for concepts

Google-Presentation - free & easy to use, works close to PowerPoint

Google-Tables - free & easy to use, works close to Excel

MSOffice 2016 - commercial, but mostly installed on your pc

Whatsapp/Telegram/Facebook groups 

Ecore.gg - is a new commercial programm, mainly for esport organizations

Get your own programm with your wants and needs

As you can see there are many options to organize your esport business. It is not important to use any of my examples, it is important to start structuring and organizing your work, for having an all time overview about every single topic.
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The Esports Consulting GmbH is the company behind EsportsBusiness.net. As we are working on several other projects in the esports industry, we want to run our blog here in the community. The, still very static, homepage can be found at https://esportsconsulting.de/.

We will update this blog with all news regarding the company itself as well as news regarding player and streamer we manage. Stay tuned for more very exciting news soon!
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Spielervertrag in deutscher Sprache als Muster zu Entwicklung und Ausarbeitung eines eigenes Partner-Spieler-Sponsoring Vertrages. Dieser Vertrag geht von einem Sponsoring des Spielers durch den Partner aus und stellt somit keinen Arbeitsvertrag dar. Dies hat gravierende Auswirkungen nach deutschem Recht, über dessen Auswirkungen und Abgrenzung zu einem Arbeitsvertrag sich der Käufer bewusst sein muss. 

Dieser Vertrag ist kurz gehalten und eignet sich beispielweise für kleinere Hobby-Teams oder semiprofessionelle Teams. Diesem Vertrag fehlen verschiedene Klauseln zur Nutzung von Spielen mit Herstellervorgaben, besonderen Arrangements bei Streamingtätigkeiten, sowie zur besonderen Behandlung von professionellen Teams oder durch Agenturen und Sponsoren.  Der Vertrag wird in genau dieser Form angeboten und erhebt keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit oder Verwendung zu einem besonderen Vertragszweck.

Dieser Vertrag ist zu Nutzung für EINE Person lizensiert.  Für die Nutzung für weitere Mitglieder im Team ist die eine Erweiterungslizenz erforderlich, die hier erworben werden kann.

Die Nutzung des Vertrages ist nur lizenziert für die Nutzung durch den Käufer. Eine Weitergabe, kommerziell oder nicht kommerziell, ist ausdrücklich untersagt. Eine Weitergabe oder Zuverfügungstellung Dritter stellt eine Urheberrechtsverletzung dar und wird von Rechtsanwalt Marian Härtel verfolgt. Der Käufer dieses Templates ist verantwortlich und haftbar dafür, dass eine unlizensierte Weitergabe nicht erfolgt. 

Rechtsanwalt Marian Härtel übernimmt für die Verwendung dieses Vertrages, ohne vorhergehende Anpassung an den Einzelfall durch Rechtsanwalt Marian Härtel oder sonstige Beratung, keine Haftung. 

 Dieser Haftungsausschluss gilt insbesondere für die Bewertung von Sozialversicherungsbehörden in jeglichen Ländern, insbesondere der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, sowie in Bezug auf steuerrechtliche Behandlung.
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What do you guys think about girls in esport?
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At the end of last year, I wrote a little article regarding content in contracts for players. If you are interested you can find it here. 

Also feel free to discuss it. I've seen many more contract in the last year and likely I have to write an update for it.
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Delivered at Casual Connect USA 2018. This panel will provide insightful perspective from top leaders in eSports. Hear about their strategies for success as well as what still needs to be in place to grow eSports. Where are the investment opportunities for eSports and how can a developer best position themselves for success as this exciting market grows.

Ari Segal, President, Immortals

Andrew Paradise, CEO, Skillz

Robb Chiarini, Head of Esports, Ubisoft

MODERATOR: Mona Ibrahim, Senior Associate, Interactive Entertainment Law Group
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For 15 years XLIVE has been providing resources and information to the live event and esports industries. The XLIVE Esports Summit is the first senior level forum of its kind that will bring together esports industry stakeholders and traditional professional sports franchises under one roof to discuss the development of teams, players, organization infrastructure, collegiate-pro ecosystems and player unions. This event will convene esports team owners/players, venue operators, tournament organizers, broadcasters, sponsors, agencies, legal experts, consultants, product developers, venture capitalists with professional sports teams investing in esports for an intimate event focused on developing a growing ecosystem and community within the esports marketplace.

In 2017, the global esports audience will exceeded 250 million, millennials make up 69% of U.S. esports fans and the market generates $1.1 billion in revenue worldwide, rapidly approaching $1.5 billion by 2020. This is the only conference where you will not only meet the leading organizations and executives at the forefront of the esports industry but have the opportunity to gain insights into how professional sports teams, global brands and professional athletes are playing a significant role in investing and fostering the growth of the esports community worldwide. This executive summit will enable you to make sense of investment options, brand partnerships, talent development, risk factors, scalability, and more. 
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The Friends & Family Test runs amazingly good and we got really valuable feedback. Thank you for this!

I want to update everybody as to what we are planning. 

In the near future, we completely will revamp all the commercial aspects of the site. We will set up a totally new store with a professional look that not only features an easy way to buy our premium memberships, but also other esports related goods and services from us and - in the future - from other developers, service partner, and artists. Stay tuned, I am sure it will be amazing! With this going along we will make another radical change. The commercial aspect will be the front page of the site, while the community will move to a subsection. Everything will be connected with a single login and nothing will change with the community. It will go along with a neat URL change though, as we feel esportsbusiness.net is to hard to remember. I will inform you of the next steps ASAP. 

This change is scheduled for the weak after the Easter holidays, thus in 2 weeks!

The second feature will be unique to the esports industry and will stand out. I cannot tell much because a lot is still in the planning phase, but once it launches it will make the concept of a business network and business service exchange complete. This is scheduled for around 3 months from now. Lots of work, but it will be worth it.

Stay tuned!
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This is part 2 of the article. Part one can bei found here. The objective of this list is to give you an insight on the best eSports teams from around the world. The industry of eSports is currently worth around $700 million and it is set to be worth over $1 billion by 2020. So, let’s have a look at the teams that have made the eSports industry a global phenomenon. The figures for each team are the (as much as known) overall earnings achieved by the team through participating in events and tournaments. The wording "semi-professional" should not be taken as something negative, we just tried to sort the teams in some way.
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In this video we explore how you can start a startup in the growing eSports area. Get your free Startup Idea course (click on "Preview" in the curriculum): https://goo.gl/ZjZK1F Welcome to our Startup Trends series where we explore the growing startup trends to give you an overview and plenty of ideas for your own startup. This second one is about eSports. Next up: Drones, Virtual Reality and many more! Tell us in the comments which area you want us to investigate.
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How to Grow a Gaming Organization!
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This is the official explainer video for the eSports Business Network
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Shortly before Christmas I wanted tou publish part two of my comments on Esport and the related contracts.

As announced, this part of the series will deal with professional players. In the past, it was unusual for players to have their own contracts with clubs/teams. A large part of the esports scene operated in the hobby area. In the best case, the whole thing could be described as semiprofessional, because the player themselves had their own income via YouTube/Twitch, or because there was an agreement that profits from tournaments would be shared fairly.

As a general rule though, professional players should only work on the basis of a signed contract. Even if this is not yet customary in many cases,I must advise against this as a lawyer. Contracts generally provide security and regulate a fair coexistence.

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Five years ago, the word ‘eSports’ had no real significance and were nothing more than an illusion. A culture of hardcore video game competitive players existed, but they were nothing more than that — people with a quite practical interest in playing video games for pleasure. Seemingly out of blue, the eSports industry started to dawn was being taken seriously.

The dawning of electronic sports hasn’t escaped many, which can be witnessed with huge prize pools and a unique appealing to sponsors towards the industry. It doesn’t come as a surprise that 2019 looks set to continue the trend and has set new benchmarks in the competitive gaming industry.

Interesting numbers from eSports

Esports is the capital of the modern day, and it only just started to take its root. The world of eSports has a worthy of being a $678 Million industry. It is estimated that with the current growth in the eSports industry, it could pass a $1 billion figure easily by 2018, according to research firm Newzoo. Currently, the firm has predicted that more than 385 million people are following eSports in the form of players, casters, audience, or management. And this is just the beginning, as the firm also predicted the number to reach around 427 million by the end of the year 2019.

These records and facts have paved the way for investors to make eSports mainstream.

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