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    • Marian Härtel

      Esports Business Network becomes my.esport.biz   04/24/2018

      Welcome everybody,

      today we launched www.esport.biz, our growing commercial platform for the esport industry. While esport.biz is - and I am honest here - by far not where we imagine it to be, I am sure we are on a good path. With the same effort, we changed Esports Business Network to be the official community of www.esport.biz. Thus,  it now runs at my.esport.biz. I am sure there a still several bugs, but we will fix them in the coming days, and maybe weeks. 

      We are also working hard to update the community to give the community a large, large update, with several changes. This update is so big and extensive though, that it needs to be heavily tested against many other functions. This includes e.g. the new functionality for you to be able to log in to the shop and in the community with the same login credentials. 

      Please report us any issue to see!

Registration Terms

For the community of Esport.biz at my.esport.biz (and all other URL or subsites) the main Terms of Services found here (https://esport.biz/terms_and_conditions/) do apply. With signing up at my.esport.biz you agree to be bound to the TOS of the front site 

- Based on our privacy policy we inform you that your login data will be shared with the login system found on our front site at www.esport.biz. Your login data, your group status, and other accounts specific information are synced with the front site in order to enable you the usage of the store, as well as the commercial functionality of on the front page.  This includes your name and your email address. 

- By signing up with my.esport.biz you additionally are agreeing to allow getting account specific email from the front site, e.g. information of technical nature, changes in the TOS or the privacy policy as well as similar emails.