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    • Marian Härtel

      Friends & Family Test   02/28/2018

      Please be aware that we are in testing mode as part of the Friends & Family test. We'd appreciate if you sign up, take a look and give us some feedback, or - even better - if you participate in our new community, be a valuable partner of it and help us create the community you want to make business with esport!

      We are new on the market, yet small, but very eager to grow together with our partner, members and friends in the industry, like Team Prismatic, many more as well as obviously YOU!

      We are very sure that this community can be an integral part of the coming commercial success of eSports. Be a part of it!

      If you are still unsure what this site is about, check out the news section.

  • Welcome to Esports Business Network

    We aim to help professionalize the eSports community and bring together people from all areas to ramp up business, start discussions, ask questions or exchange services. More information regarding Esports Business Network can be found in our explainer video.

    Like most online communities you must register to be active in our community, but don't worry this is a simple free process that requires minimal information for you to signup.

    • Get your own profile page and find business partners.
    • Present your team or your service.
    • Get all the relevant information around the business of esports
    • Find out how to make money with eSports, find sponsors or sponsor teams
    • Find out how to use the marketing power of esports or what to invest in.
    • Get help in professionalizing your esports team or your stream.
    • And much more!

    Still doubts to sign up?  We are very well aware that there are other Facebook and Linkedin Groups out there that deal with business topics, but we feel they are not flexible and powerful enough compared to a dedicated community driven and fueled by the people in the industry.

    We want to invite you to check out EsportsBusiness.net and let us know your thoughts. 

    Lets us build the community, everyone desires, together and let us use the momentum of the rising esports industry, now!

    1. Announcements

      Announcements from the staff.

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    2. Introductions

      This forum can be used to introduce yourself. One post per person only, no bounces, no spamming!

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    3. User Feedback

      Here, and only here, you can leave open feedback/remarks/complaints or anything else regarding member or seller.

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    4. Seller Forum

      A special forum, that can only be read and used if you are a Seller in our downloads/marketplace section. 

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    5. News

      Commet/Discuss all the news items.

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    1. General Business Exchange

      General Questions and remarks for business with eSports

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    2. Sponsorings

      Talk about possible sponsorings for your team, stream or event. 

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    3. Legal

      Legal issues worldwide. We will separate this in countries once the community grows

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    4. Questions

      Questions & Answers Forum. Get quick answers and rate the best one.

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    5. Guest Forums

      This forum can be used as guests. We will watch moderation closely

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    1. Event Forums

      Here you can discuss all the events and appointment that have have been added through the calendar.

      20 topics
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    2. Company Profile Forums

      Company Profile Forums to discuss the various entries. Please leave positive or negative reviews directly in the company profile. These threads are meant for discussion purposes.

      174 topics
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    3. Article Comment Forum

      Comment here on various articles posted by us. You can find all of them here .

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    4. 1 topic
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    1. News from eSportIndustry.com

      These are the old newsfrom the Esportindustry.com Project. Dated, but no need to get lost ;)

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    2. 472 topics
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    3. 117 topics
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    4. The Esports Observer

      News from the the Esports Observer

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    1. News

      Archived News

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