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  2. The Esports Observer regularly posts viewership and social media infographics to our social media accounts. Now, you can find all of these on our website, along with additional context on why a particular streamer, esports event or game performed above or below average in a given week. Today, we’ve got the list of top of... View the full article
  3. Esports organization Tempo Storm has partnered with Overwolf, a PC app store for in-game layovers and stat tracking services. The platform also hosts third party apps like Quarterback. Tempo Storm is known for its educational gaming content, making the partnership a natural fit. Tempo Storm , the esports organization founded by Hearthstone pro Andrey “Reynad” Yanyuk,... View the full article
  4. ADVERT – This article is sponsored by Esports BAR in promotion of the ESPORTS BAR Miami event. The rapid growth of the esports industry has forced every corner of the business world to take notice. Because gaming itself is still a relatively young industry, and esports even more so, many executives and potential investors don’t... View the full article
  5. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins endorsed another non-endemic brand in Uber Eats. Blevins, yet again, used his live stream to help maximize the reach of his announcement. Continued endorsement activity shows Blevins, and brands, are aware of his growing reach. For a third week in a row, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has used his stream to announce an... View the full article
  6. Wizards is rolling out two initiative targeting esports: a new attempt at digital Magic, and a special invitational. Magic: The Gathering Arena looks to be a promising digitization of the beloved card game, and has drawn early praise. Wizards’ esports-themed invitational, however, is being heavily criticized for a complicated format and substantial prize pool that rewards... View the full article
  7. SIMPLE Mobile and Samsung have partnered with Echo Fox to sponsor the organization’s Injustice 2 players. The brands are also title sponsors of the Injustice 2 Pro Series. The partnership centers around highlighting Echo Fox’s players at each of the remaining Pro Series events this year. Esports organization Echo Fox has partnered with prepaid telecom... View the full article
  8. Compete, an esports vertical created in partnership with Kotaku and Deadspin, is shutting down this week. All three media sites are a part of the Gizmodo Media Group, owned by Univision following a lawsuit that led to the shut down of former parent site Gawker. Esports media sites, especially independent ones, have seen instability as of... View the full article
  9. Immortals acquires the legendary Made in Brazil brand, Mercedes-Benz sponsors one of China’s top esports teams, and the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association goes public. Missed any of the biggest esports business news last week? The TEO Monday Morning Briefing recaps the top headlines from the last seven days! Immortals Acquire MiBR Brand After months of... View the full article
  10. As was revealed last year, Tencent’s popular mobile MOBA Arena of Valor (Honor of Kings in mainland China) is getting a Nintendo Switch port. With the closed beta beginning this week, gamers are starting to get the feel for the console’s first MOBA—and they’re liking what they’re seeing. “I didn’t think that [a MOBA] could work on mobile,... View the full article
  11. The German Esports Federation and Mexico Esports National Federation have joined the International eSports Federation. ESBD president Hans Jagnow will also attend the International Olympic Committee’s Esports Forum in July. The IeSF now represents 48 national esports federations. The German Esports Federation (ESBD) has become latest organization to join the International eSports Federation (IeSF). ESBD... View the full article
  12. Australian esports organisation Tainted Minds has entered a partnership with gaming headset and audio accessory brand Turtle Beach. As part of this deal, players who compete for Tainted Minds will wear Turtle Beach’s Elite Pro range of audio equipment when training and competing. Juergen Stark, CEO of Turtle Beach said the following in a statement: “This is a significant step as we continue growing our global esports presence by partnering with more top teams in key international markets, and we’re thrilled that prominent organizations like Tainted Minds continue to choose the Elite Pro. Tainted Minds are a force to be reckoned with, in Australia and increasingly around the world, and we’re happy to provide them with the best gaming audio gear available to help them build upon their successes.” Tainted Minds currently competes in titles such as Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, Rocket League, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and FIFA. Nick Bobir, CEO of Tainted Minds added: “We’re extremely excited to be working alongside Turtle Beach, one of the most recognizable brands in the video game industry and a leader in performance-driven esports equipment. Turtle Beach not only supports our professional teams and content creators but also shares our same level of passion for gaming and esports, we’re looking forward to working together through 2018 and beyond.” The Australian organisation is also sponsored by the likes of Lenovo, ZOWIE, Scuf Gaming, and ZQ Racing. Recently the team also arranged a deal with Melbourne-based watch brand UNCLE JACK for some giveaways on social media, so we can likely expect more on this front in future. Esports Insider says: Turtle Beach is a mainstay in competitive gaming and it’s good to see it support an Australian organisation – typically teams from that region don’t get the same kind of exposure and opportunities as popular North American sides, for example. Sign Up To Our Newsletter! View the full article
  13. According to a report from Tengrinews, The Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan has given full accreditation the Qazaq Cybersport Federation recognizing esports as a sport in the country. This accreditation now gives the federation permission from the government to further establish esports in the country and represent it at international events. The non-profit federation was created last year to bring awareness and structure to esports in Kazakhstan with one major goal: to pursue the necessary channels in the government to recognize esports and assist in the development of esports relations in Kazakhstan. Now that it has been accredited and approved by the government the federation will look to host international events, create broadcasts and programs around esports and assist in the “formation of a national team and ensuring its participation in international competitions”. Kuanyshbek Esekeyev, President of the Qazaq Cybersport Federation and CEO of Kazakhtelecom JSC commented on the events in a recent Facebook post: “For the IT industry, esports is the key to the digital future. The guys clicking the mouse and pressing keyboard buttons will become tomorrow’s leaders of the global digital economy.” The federation already has several branches set up throughout the country in Astana, Almaty, West Kazakhstan, East Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda, Pavlodar, Zhambyl and Karaganda regions, with more planned to be established. While the Cybersport Federation was formed only last year to push an esports agenda, Kazakhstan has still produced esports stars with three players on Gambit Esports’ CS:GO roster from the country. Kazakhstan also held national teams in CS:GO during the World Championships until 2016. Esports Insider says: This will certainly be an exciting time for the emergence of esports in such a large country like Kazakhstan. Members of the Cybersport Federation have been working up to this point since its formation in December and now that it has been achieved and given approval from the government we hope to see further developments of talent and events coming from and in the country. Sign Up To Our Newsletter! View the full article
  14. How does an esports company get its footing? A simple question with an infinite amount of possibilities. Venture capital firm, Stadia Ventures is hoping to answer that for startups entering the esports space. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Stadia currently holds accelerators (incubators) for startups focused on traditional sports. During these accelerators the firm not only assists with financial investment but provides mentorship and business education to the emerging companies. While the accelerators are currently focused on traditional sports, the magnitude of interest in esports made it clear to the firm that replicating the same model for an esports accelerator was necessary. Tim Hayden, Co-Founder of Stadia Ventures talked to Esports Insider and said expanding to esports is a no-brainer: Tim Hayden, Stadia Ventures“In our sixth [traditional sports] cohort with 300+ applicants about 10% – 15% were actually esports. “The revenue numbers came out recently for 2017 and the entire sports industry plus sporting goods combined was about $149bn (£112bn) while the entire esports and video game industry was $147bn (£110bn). It’s literally happening under everyone’s noses without people knowing it. Two years ago we hosted a panel on the power of esports with 300 guests and it boggled their minds the power of esports and what’s going on in the video gaming community so it’s easy for us to just leverage that next piece. In a way, each of the companies we deal with all have the same business issues and that’s kind of what we’re seeing for esports as well.” Spring 2018 accelerator alumni Gamerz Arena, a platform for viewers to compete in contests across a variety of games for cash and prizes.As Stadia began to explore the idea of holding a dedicated esports accelerator the firm didn’t look to the west coast, the essential esports capital of the United States, but instead to Frisco, Texas. In partnership with LaunchPad City, the firm held a traditional sports cohort in the summer of 2017 and witnessed the esports potential growing in Frisco. Five years ago you may have heard of Frisco, Texas and thought nothing of it, especially in relation to esports and gaming. Now, as a city just 30 minutes from Dallas-Fort Worth, Frisco is one of the largest growing cities in the United States thanks, in part, to gaming. Gearbox Software, Infinite Esports and Entertainment, and compLexity Gaming all call the city home and with a team in every major traditional sports league, Frisco and Dallas-Forth Worth is a prime area for new technology and innovation solutions for startups in sports and esports. Kedreon Cole, LaunchPad CityKedreon Cole, Director of Esports at LaunchPad City said: “People who consider themselves ecosystem builders believe that Frisco and the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area will become a major esports hub that continues to attract top business talent and large capital investments in the space over the next few years.” The Stadia/LaunchPad accelerator will receive around 300+ applicants for the fall cohort and of those only 10 will be invited to Frisco for a “Shark Tank style” panel with veteran esports professionals and experts. From then, about five will be chosen to participate. The accelerator itself will last 14 weeks and aside from investing $100,000 (£75,300) into each company Stadia will provide business development advice, assist with market strategies, financial modeling and assistance from mentors to learn how to take their product to the next level. When the 14 weeks are completed, each startup “graduates”, but companies aren’t simply sent out into the world on their own. Stadia continues to support them with resources and mentorship after the accelerator ends. Hayden told Esports Insider no company really leaves the Stadia Ventures family: “I’m Italian so what we tell all of our accelerator companies ‘once you’re in the family, you don’t really leave [laughs]. “Our goal is to get them to an area where they can move on to the next phase of their life. We have an entire alumni program that’s setup with a full staff and our network is always open to them even after graduation. We do road shows around the country where all the companies in our portfolio can interact. We’ve been around for about two and a half years and we’ve already had two successful exits which usually take around four to five years.” Esports investments are announced ever so often now, and there are still companies with potentially groundbreaking ideas looking to break into the space but without the capital or means to do so. As Stadia Ventures and LaunchPad City use the same model from their traditional sports accelerators in the past, the forthcoming esports cohort will be a welcome opportunity for these unknown companies. Who knows, the next big esports company might just emerge out of this very program. View the full article
  15. Tournament organizer StarLadder announced it will be holding the PUBG AmCup, a new series of tournaments in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for amateurs players in the CIS region. StarLadder sets up series of PUBG tournaments for CIS region amateurs#PUBG Starladder PUBG AmCup will be open for all willing, while the strongest teams will share a prize pool amounted to $2,000! Details:https://t.co/KRLwpzhVsK pic.twitter.com/OVPqeRX0IH — Starladder PUBG (@Pubgsltv) June 23, 2018 The format of the tournament will feature teams as four-man squads playing through four open qualifiers on the Erangel map beginning July 12th. After qualifiers, the remaining teams will be divided into 16 groups where the winners will advance to the finals in August and fight for the share of $2,000 (£1,500). While StarLadder is widely known as a tournament organizer for Dota 2 and CS:GO, it’s been at the forefront of PUBG esports holding one of the first large-scale PUBG events in the form of the i-League Invitational earlier this year with a prize pool of $100,000 (£75,510) and grand finals in Kiev, Ukraine. Now that the first official PUBG Global Invitational has begun, it also recently played host to the finals of the CIS region qualifiers with 20 teams in Minsk, Belarus and another $100,000 prize pool. Views during the regional qualifiers peaked at around 170,000 throughout the weekend. Esports Insider says: As much support as StarLadder has given to early PUBG esports it’s no surprise the organizer wants to open competition to players of all skill sets. This amateur event will certainly bring a hefty amount of players from the CIS region. While there have been no announcements of a live broadcast we hope there may be one during the finals in August to witness the next possible PUBG star. Sign Up To Our Newsletter! View the full article
  16. Game Esports and Events, who organise the popular UK gaming festival Insomnia, has announced a global expansion. The popular UK LAN event has confirmed a new multi-year partnership with a number of event organisers across the globe to bring the popular LAN to Cairo, Egypt this October and Dubai in 2019. Plans for events in Saudi Arabia, South America and Australia will follow shortly after. The events in Cairo and Dubai will feature the festivals trademark mix of gaming and esports, as well as Cosplay, Indie game showcases, retro gaming and stage events. Martyn Gibbs, CEO of GAME Group had this to say “Video games and esports are now a truly global form of entertainment and it seems fitting that we can share our passion for games on a global basis through Insomnia Event series.” The partnerships include deals with The Global Event Managment Group working in the UAE and the Middle East, while a deal with BME Global Ltd, will handle events in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf and North Africa. Ahmed Elgohary, CEO of BME Global commented on the deal: “We are extremely pleased to be bringing Insomnia to Egypt. The event is a place for gamers of all backgrounds and ages to socialise while discovering the latest games and products. This is very exciting news for all gamers in the region.” James Magee, CEO of Global Event Management in Dubai added: “We have been watching the incredible growth in awareness of esports and gaming in the Middle East for some time, and as a consumer events company were really keen to enter the market; the team at GAME have given us outstanding insight into the sector as well as solid practical support in planning our Insomnia event.” Insomnia 63, the next event in the UK will take place at the Birmingham NEC this August 24-27th and will feature a number of major esports events, including the Call of Duty World League and UK Masters CS:GO Open. Esports Insider says: It’s great news to see the brand going global, DreamHack has done similar things in recent years after leaving Sweden and their events have become a staple of the esports calender. Sign Up To Our Newsletter! View the full article
  17. While scholarships for esports athletes are slowly becoming the norm in American institutions, Becker College is taking it to the next level by offering the country’s first degree in Esports Management. The Worcester, Massachusetts college is set to offer a Bachelor of Science in Esports Management through the college of business beginning in the fall of 2019. The announcement states the program will focus on the business side of esports, giving students hands-on learning as well as assisting with paths to achieve careers in esports in fields like community management, game development, legal and accounting. Alan Ritacco, Dean of the School of Design and Technology said: “The rapid growth of esports brings with it new jobs and demands from the industry. That translates to tremendous career opportunities for our students. With a spirited college community that gets video games, adding esports management is a perfect fit.” Courses in the Esports Management degree include “Applied Business Statistics”, “Esports Planning and Strategy”, “Introduction to Psychology”, and Esports Game Technology”. Becker certainly isn’t the first to add esports to its curriculum as we’ve seen from institutions like Syracuse University, Oxford University and even Staffordshire University offering the first esports degree in the United Kingdom. While others have invested in their esports athletics programs, Becker will look to focus more from an educational standpoint, grooming the next generation of esports professionals. Esports Insider says: Collegiate-aged students are the general demographic for esports potential but many of those students aren’t given a clear path to success as an esports professional outside of playing competitively. With Becker College investing in esports education, earning a degree such as this will certainly open new doors for the future set of esports professionals. As fellow institutions continue to add esports-focused courses it won’t be too long before they follow suit and offer full-fledged degrees as well. Sign Up To Our Newsletter! View the full article
  18. Splyce has raised yet another substantial amount of money in a funding round. More specifically, the organisation has secured $2.6 million (£1.96 million) from the likes of basketballer Metta World Peace, American footballer Roman Harper, and sports agent David Meltzer. The round was led by The Ledger Group, which we previously reported contributed $1.5m (£1.07m) itself. Its plan of rebranding to OverActive Media, due to multiple investments in the esports industry, still stands. The likes of American venture capital firm First Serve Partners also joined the round. The firm works with numerous athletes and companies in media, entertainment, and technology, and was responsible for getting World Peace, Harper, and Meltzer involved in the round. The Ledger Group and First Serve Partners are set to join the board of Splyce as observers. Waylon Chin, CEO of First Serve Partners discussed the investment with ESPN: “We believe that our investment in Splyce, featuring a strategic collection of iconic athletes and business leaders in our syndicate, positions us to not only capitalize on the transcendent growth of esports but to bridge the gap between athletes as entrepreneurs and investors, and continue our leadership across sports, media, and entertainment.” It’s worth noting that Splyce is finalizing its application to be a part of the new franchising model for the European League of Legends Championship Series (EU LCS). Each spot is reportedly worth €8 million (£7.045m) and can be paid over time. Marty Strenczewilk, CEO of Splyce also commented: “There’s a lot of excitement from everyone in Splyce about bringing in our new groups from Toronto (Ledger) and New York (First Serve Partners). They not only expand our networks into two key business regions in the northeast but also provide a wealth of business acumen to support our growth strategies. I’ve never looked at us as purely a sports team, but rather an entertainment company. Working with accomplished entertainment veterans like Joey Brander, David Meltzer, Roman Harper and Metta World Peace gives us a lot of support and reach for our projects to expand the Splyce brand beyond the core esports audience and reach new fans.” Splyce competes in League of Legends, Call of Duty, Halo, Rocket League, StarCraft II, SMITE, and Paladins. The organisation is partnered with the likes of CLTX Gaming, Turtle Wax, Foot Locker, Mountain Dew, CORSAIR, Turtle Beach, Scuf Gaming, and Twitch. Esports Insider says: Splyce is doing a good job of acquiring substantial funds from impressive and promising sources, so well done to the organisation! With this additional funding, it’s fair to assume that it’s EU LCS hopes are looking promising. Sign Up To Our Newsletter! View the full article
  19. ESL is working in collaboration with ICS, the organiser of the Wacken Open Air festival, to launch ESL Arena Wacken – an event that’ll feature at this year’s event. The German affair is being described as a “themed experience” which brings together a music festival with a free-to-play area for daily amateur tournaments and exhibition matches. Taking place from August 1st-4th, the games that will be played include PlayerUnknown’s Battleground and League of Legends. ESL Arena Wacken is partnered with NicNacs, Razer, Hummel, and eSports.com. The Sports People and Live Nation Brand Partnership & Media are working together to provide ICS and ESL with support in planning, concept, and marketing throughout. Ralf Reichert, CEO of ESL said the following in a statement: “The medium of computer games is more and more mainstream in all areas of life, as the music has been now for many years. An iconic, multi-day music festival like Wacken is a very interesting opportunity to test the esports phenomenon in a new setting and take it into a new environment.” Heavy metal bands, professional teams, and celebrities will take part in exhibition matches throughout the multi-day event. Holger Hübner, CEO of ICS also commented on the event: “Naturally, music remains at the heart of Wacken Open Air, but we have a very close relationship with our community, so we can react to developments. We’re always open to new ideas. Of course, it also makes us proud to be pioneering the world’s first esports theme experience at a music festival, so we are very glad to have ESL as a most capable partner that is setting the international standard in esports.” ESL Arena Wacken has 5,000 tickets available for purchase. Esports Insider says: This isn’t the first music and esports collaboration we’ve ever seen, but it’s still interesting nonetheless – especially with ESL being so involved. We look forward to seeing celebrities and pro players end up attending and performing. Sign Up To Our Newsletter! View the full article
  20. Ubisoft has announced a new esports program for Rainbow Six Siege, entitled the US Nationals. This program is open to all players in the United States, allowing them to make a name for themselves and win a portion of the $50,000 prize pool in the process. Not only that, the winning team will earn the title of Team USA. Rainbow Six Siege US Nationals ScheduleThe US Nationals commence on July 14th with any and every American team welcome to compete. The program will be split into two divisions – the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference – with both conferences hosting teams in open, online qualifiers. The top teams in each conference after the open qualifiers will advance to another stage on the following Friday, playing their conclusive matches live on an official broadcast. The National Finals is the culminating event for the program and will take place in December of this year with eight teams being invited to compete at a live event. Robb Chiarini, Esports Associate Director at Ubisoft said the following in a statement: “The phenomenon that is Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege esports has been truly amazing to witness firsthand. With the US Nationals, we have entered into a new and exciting time for our community’s growth. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive esports ecosystem that offers our players and ever-growing community opportunities to participate, watch and aspire to. The US Nationals expands this initiative by offering another layer of activity for all players across the United States.” The top placing team in each of the three Stage Finals, alongside a Wildcard team from the Last Chance Qualifier in October, will be invited to compete in December. Players are able to sign up to participate in the US Nationals program now. Esports Insider says: Ubisoft has done some amazing things with Rainbow Six Siege esports, hence why it continues to grow in popularity and more organisations are entering the title, and we’re glad to see these improvements and advancements haven’t stopped just yet. Sign Up To Our Newsletter! View the full article
  21. At one point it seemed as if German football club FC Bayern Munich was poised to enter the esports industry, but a new report suggests those plans have been scrapped. According to German tabloid Bild.de, FC Bayern Munich’s president Ulrich “Uli” Hoeness has decided against the advanced plans to enter multiple esports titles. At one point, the football club wanted to invest as much as €5,000,000 (£4,397,899) into entering games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Fortnite. Nonetheless, Hoeness has vetoed these plans since he sees no correlation between esports and his team. Said talks around this entrance into esports have been present for two years, at least, when Bundesliga sides VfL Wolsburg and FC Schalke 04 made their mark in the industry. Despite these now-scrapped plans, Bayern’s basketball counterpart had fielded an NBA 2K roster under the guise of Bayern Ballers. This news has not been confirmed as of yet, it has merely been reported so it should be taken with a pinch of salt. It’s worth noting that it costs a lot more than the proposed investment to enter League of Legends alone should FC Bayern Munich have wanted to acquire a spot in the upcoming franchised-take on the EU LCS. Esports Insider says: We can’t help but think this is a huge missed opportunity and a misstep from the German side should this report turn out to be truthful. With teams such as FC Barcelona recently entering the scene, and existing clubs still operating in multiple titles, it’d be a shame to see a club that’s the size of FC Bayern Munich deciding against entering esports. Sign Up To Our Newsletter! View the full article
  22. Esports apparel brand H4X.gg announces global partnership with longstanding esports organization Complexity Gaming. The Complexity CS:GO team will showcase H4X.gg branded apparel at this weekend’s DreamHack Summer event in Jönköping, Sweden. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, and real estate investor John Goff, acquired a majority stake in Complexity last year. Following its event partnerships with... View the full article
  23. Australia-based esports media network GAMURS has raised $2.2M in a funding from angel investors and Alium Capital. The funding brings GAMURS Group’s total amount raised to $5.7M. GAMURS was founded in 2014 and, through a number of acquisitions, became one of the industry’s largest endemic media networks, peaking at 4.22M users on its global network... View the full article
  24. The inaugural season of the Overwatch League is quickly approaching its endgame, so naturally, sights are being set on the upcoming second season. With this in mind, Blizzard has released the rules behind how rosters will be constructed moving forward. On August 1st, the signing window will be opened for teams to negotiate extensions with players already signed to them, or for their respective Overwatch Contenders players to be signed. This is also the date on which player trades can be made from. Official agreements from the inaugural season end on September 9th, meaning any players that aren’t under a contract at this point will become free agents. The exclusive window for expansion teams to sign free agents start from this date also, ending October 7th. October 8th is the day in which the signing window for free agents opens for all teams, so if players are still yet to be selected by expansion teams then they become available for the teams that competed in the first season. By December 1st, each team must have at least eight players signed under contract. Despite this, teams are still able to sign or trade players throughout the upcoming season until a final deadline which has not yet been specified. Players who turn 18 years of age before this deadline are eligible to be signed and compete in the League, too. Starting with this next season, the terms of player’s agreements “will no longer be fixed at one year with an additional one-year option.” Instead, players can negotiate contracts with teams that last up to three years. Another interesting development is the option of having “two-way players”. This means it’s possible that a player can compete for both an Overwatch League team and an Overwatch Contenders team. There are more details surrounding the stipulations of such a move here. Esports Insider says: The rules and dates surrounding renewing contracts and trading players all seem relatively fair, but it’s the two-way player rule and the three-year contract implementation that grab our attention the most. It’s also nice to see that expansion teams have an exclusive window to sign players. Sign Up To Our Newsletter! View the full article
  25. North American esports organisation compLexity Gaming has forged a partnership with H4X Clothing, an esports apparel brand that produces performance wear and streetwear. compLexity is the first official partnered esports organisation of the apparel company, this multi-year deal will see its players wear H4X’s products while they practice and compete. This partnership will be on full display at DreamHack Summer on June 16-19th, where compLexity’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team will fight for the lion’s share of the $100,000 prize pool. Daniel Herz, Chief Revenue Officer of compLexity Gaming commented on the partnership: “H4X provides the performance gear and street-wear our players and fans have been looking for. There’s no better apparel product in the esports space and we look forward to growing our two brands together.” Another result of this deal will see the two parties release a limited edition performance jacket to “celebrate this groundbreaking step.” Jon Gurman, CEO of H4X added: “We are thrilled to be aligning with an organization led by Jerry Jones and his proven success in Dallas through building powerful sports franchises. H4X is inspired by the passion of competition and our product reflects the mindset and aesthetic of sports champions. Complexity embodies that passion and our brands are a natural fit. Together we will make compLexity America’s esports team.” As of February of this year, H4X is the official apparel partner for ESL One, IEM, and DreamHack, while compLexity has a pre-existing partnership with streaming platform Twitch. Esports Insider says: Adding an organisation such as compLexity to its roster of partners – which already includes ESL and DreamHack events – is a good move by H4X. The collaborative clothing that has been released to celebrate the partnership looks rather comfy, too! Sign Up To Our Newsletter! View the full article
  26. SK Gaming announces a return to League of Legends, alongside a new partnership with Deutsche Telekom. The telcom will support all SK teams throughout 2018, with discussions for a multi-year-partnership underway. Deutsche Telekom will also support SK Gaming in setting up a practice facility next year. Little under two years since SK Gaming pulled out of... View the full article
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