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Reasons to invest in young talent

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With esports constantly evolving and expanding its reaches to a broader audience, younger talent is constantly entering the field. While some may find it risky to invest in these youngsters, I for one believe that they deserve the most investment of all.

The Marketability

Veterans, meaning people in esports who have been involved in them since the early days, likely are specialized in one or two games and will find it hard to evolve past that. This can be seen in the same way that veteran print journalists were wary to move into the online part of journalism. Younger people, who have been introduced to multiple esports since starting will be more able to mold themselves to different games and thus provide various marketable talents.

Those same younger people will also often purposely train themselves in multiple esports-related occupations to thus be more marketable to companies and find positions easier in what is now a very competitive environment. I know from personal experience that I started out as a writer, then also got into doing social media when I saw several of those positions advertised. Veterans might have gotten their start as professional players and easily transferred over to being writers due to already established connections, like "lurppis" did. Others may have simply started early when demand for writers or social media managers was high, whereas it's much lower now as well-established organizations are less likely to look at noobs for hire.

The Potential

Young, unexplored talent has the biggest chance of turning out to be the next big thing. One good example of this is 18-year old CS:GO pro player Russel "Twistzz" Van Dulken. Prior to being a stand-in for Team SoloMid back in 2016, he was playing for relatively small or unknown teams like Team AGG and KKona.  A year later, he's now a player for one of the biggest esports organizations in the world and keep in mind, he's not even old enough to drink yet. Not only that, but having been born in November of 1999, he is even younger than the first iteration of Counter-Strike which was released in June of that same year.

Another good example of young, untapped talent is community favorite Braxton "swag" Pierce. Even though he's a little older at 21, he has yet to make an impact on any major team due to being banned from Valve events as a part of the North American match fixing scandal.

The Fresh Ideas

Young talent could bring about new, creative ideas that veterans might otherwise not have thought about. In addition, they could also bring unique perspectives to the table. As Joanne Varey said in an article for B2BMarketing, "Young talent fires up everyone in the agency and, in turn, inspires more senior creative teams to keep pushing themselves forwards – learning the freshest techniques, mastering the newest media and, above all, creating cutting-edge ideas." After all, someone who was introduced to esports in a time when they were starting to gain traction as opposed to them being relatively unknown is bound to have different ideas and perspectives on things.


To wrap it all up, young talent is a good investment. They're likely to be more flexible in terms of the positions and esports titles they're familiar with, they could grow to change the face of esports and they're filled with fresh ideas and perspectives. Of course, much like any investment, nothing is guaranteed but in my opinion, you're likely to get farther if you mix young talent into your company and allow them to grow in a nurturing environment. Allow them to learn and use their talents, and you could have quite the valuable asset in your pocket.


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