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      Welcome everybody,

      today we launched www.esport.biz, our growing commercial platform for the esport industry. While esport.biz is - and I am honest here - by far not where we imagine it to be, I am sure we are on a good path. With the same effort, we changed Esports Business Network to be the official community of www.esport.biz. Thus,  it now runs at my.esport.biz. I am sure there a still several bugs, but we will fix them in the coming days, and maybe weeks. 

      We are also working hard to update the community to give the community a large, large update, with several changes. This update is so big and extensive though, that it needs to be heavily tested against many other functions. This includes e.g. the new functionality for you to be able to log in to the shop and in the community with the same login credentials. 

      Please report us any issue to see!

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Player with exclusive contracts

Marian Härtel


I was talking with a client of mine yesterday who hired a player with a current contract with a US Team. My client, from Europe, didn't know the player still has a contract and that this player signed an exclusivity agreement with the US team. #

An interesting fact is though, that the US team didn't countersign the agreement/addendum containing the exclusivity clause. 

This raises legal questions regarding the validity of the contract in Europe but also shows how complicated legal issue are in cases like this with three different legislation being involved.

The US team nevertheless ask my client to suspend working with the player, which seems to be yet another difficult legal situation as there are no contractual ties between my client and the US team.

Overall though it shows how important clean and professional legal documents are to grow professionally, and it also shows that we are soon reaching a situation with transfer fees and legal fights between rival teams.

Check your contracts and get legal help before it is too late!


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Contracts are always two sided, never one sided. They should help to professionalize the business and save both parties involved, not enrich just one side.

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