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    • Marian Härtel

      Esports Business Network becomes my.esport.biz   04/24/2018

      Welcome everybody,

      today we launched www.esport.biz, our growing commercial platform for the esport industry. While esport.biz is - and I am honest here - by far not where we imagine it to be, I am sure we are on a good path. With the same effort, we changed Esports Business Network to be the official community of www.esport.biz. Thus,  it now runs at my.esport.biz. I am sure there a still several bugs, but we will fix them in the coming days, and maybe weeks. 

      We are also working hard to update the community to give the community a large, large update, with several changes. This update is so big and extensive though, that it needs to be heavily tested against many other functions. This includes e.g. the new functionality for you to be able to log in to the shop and in the community with the same login credentials. 

      Please report us any issue to see!

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Interesting Chat

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Marian Härtel


Yesterday I had an interesting chat with a sales guy from a company far away from gaming and eSports (yet). As a private person though he is a gamer and he loves the developments of eSports. We were chitchatting a bit on why his company is not using the internet and- eSports – more to tackle on a young audience very reluctant to learn about new technologies and such.

This information was not new to me, because eSports still feels so chaotic at times, that people, who are not working in the industry for many years, likely have no chance to enter, getting information or even getting an overview of the players and the structures.

Why is this the case? I wonder if anybody else agrees with this assumption and what could be changed about it, if possible at all.

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