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About this blog

Everything about esports marketing, player scouting, business leading and concept creation.

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Structuring your work in esport organizations

When you are working in an esport organization it is really necessary to have an organized and structured management and staff team. There are many ways to help yourself and your management/staff-team to improve your daily work with different open-source and commercial tools. Here is a list: Google-Documents - free & easy to use and perfect for concepts Google-Presentation - free & easy to use, works close to PowerPoint Google-Tables - free & easy to use, works close to Excel MSOffice 2016 - commercial, but mostly installed on your pc Whatsapp/Telegram/Facebook groups  Ecore.gg - is a new commercial programm, mainly for esport organizations Get your own programm with your wants and needs As you can see there are many options to organize your esport business. It is not important to use any of my examples, it is important to start structuring and organizing your work, for having an all time overview about every single topic.

Why contracts are necessary to both, players and esport organizations.

When it comes to signing a team, doesn´t matter what kind of esport title, it is of course necessary to negotiate in advance what kind of services the organization wants and what kind of compensation the team. Mutual verbal agreements are still a common form of legitimacy in esports but are neither save to the team, or the organization. There are many examples of organizations not paying for events, or hotels they have promised for, or players not taking part at official matches or fotoshootings. Therefore, every corporate-based esport organization should establish contracts to assure itself and the players of the arrangements being made.  In the end contracts are the only way, to professionalize esports and the business behind it.           189/5000    
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